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These videos have not been produced by image and a link to the source of each one is given with the video.  The views expressed on these websites may not always reflect those of image. Click on a title to view the video.

The developmental period before birth 4-11 weeks

The developmental period before birth 12 weeks to 8 months

These are clips from a video produced by the Endowment for Human Development, The Biology of Prenatal Development.  This video explains the science, and communicates the wonder, of human development from fertilization through birth. Using six medical imaging technologies, the program features extraordinarily rare direct videography of the living human embryo and early fetus inside the womb from 4½ to 12 weeks following fertilization.

The video is distributed by National Geographic.

Abortion: a choice for woman or society

On Tuesday 21st January 2014 The Manchester Salon held a discussion on ‘Abortion: a choice for a woman or society.’ Speakers introducing the debate were Christine Fidler (CEO of image),  Ann Furedi (CEO of BPAS, the biggest abortion provider in UK) and Peter D Williams (Right to Life).  This was followed by a debate in the form of answers to points raised from the audience.  

Abortion -What Every Christian Should Know

Dr Trevor Stammers, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Law, speaks at the 2013 “Unbelievable?” Conference hosted by Premier Christian Radio. He presents a well reasoned and evidence supported argument which presents a challenge to every Christian.

Interview with an unborn child

Elam has launched a four-minute video with stunning pictures and beautiful music which highlights the plight of the unborn.

Can I Live

Can I live, a video that shows that the baby is alive in the womb.Song "Can I Live" By Nick Cannon

Life after abortion

This video is a trailer for a two-DVD video in which a number of American women speak of their experiences before, during and after abortion and the impact that abortion has had on their lives.